Inspiration Plan

What inspires you? Is it your faith, your family, your dreams? Are you inspired by another person’s compassion, or joy? Our hope as a parish community is that each one of us are inspired people – inspired to shape the world, inspired to fill the world with the Spirit of God.

In the fall of 2012, 31 members of the parish met weekly to talk about what inspires us as a community. We discussed and prayed and joined together each week to try to chart out a course of direction. We laid out a plan of focus for the next five years.  Each focus falls into one of the commission of our Parish Pastoral Council.

Currently we are actively seeking volunteers in the following areas:

  • Greeters for Sunday Liturgies.
  • Parents interested in helping to develop a Children’s Liturgy of the Word.
  • Alumni to serve on an Alumni Committee.
  • Adults willing to serve on an Adult Faith Education Team.
  • Parishioners willing to serve on a Fundraising Collaboration Team.
  • Census Implementation Team members.
  • Parish Ambassadors – people willing to help drive folks to pick up their prescriptions, or shovel their snow etc.

We invite you to help on any of the committees or new efforts. It takes all of us to inspire the world around us! Please call Chrissy in the Rectory for more information on any of these new initiatives.

There are many other aspects of the Parish Inspiration Plan. Click on the links below to see the plans for each Commission. You will be impressed to see that some of these goals have already become a reality!  See how you can do your part to bring it all to fruition.

Please click on a tab below to see plans for each commission.

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