Parish Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) at St. Robert Bellarmine was commissioned in November 2009.  The committee was preceeded and  put into place by a group of six parishioners along with Fr. Neil who formed the “PPC Steering Committee.”  The steering committee worked for two years researching the needs of the parish, how parish councils work and developing the structure of the PPC here at St. Roberts.  The results of their work are the Mission Statement of the PPC, the Foundation Document that details the structure of the council, and the 12 member parish council.

The Mission Statement of the Parish Pastoral Council is as follows:

The St. Robert Bellarmine Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) is a discerning leadership body guided by the Holy Spirit.  In partnership with the Pastor and Staff, we strive to listen to the voices of the Parish Community to support existing parish life, to create a unified vision and to plan for the future of our parish.

There are 12 members that serve on the PPC for 3 year terms.  We have included their pictures and a brief bio on this page  so that their faces are familiar to parishioners.  Our hope is that parishioners  will know to approach one of the PPC members if they have concerns or suggestions.  Parishioners are also welcome to attend the first half hour of every PPC Working Meeting in order to bring up an idea or concern.  Please call the rectory ahead of time to let us know that you will be in attendance.

In the Fall of 2013 three new members were added to the Parish Pastoral Council.  We wish to thank outgoing members Delores Mancuso, George Ignarski and Gerard Soriano for their dedication and time on the Parish Pastoral Council.  We would also like to welcome our three new members: Andy Springer, Del Norwood and Christopher Zaker.

Chris Zaker serves on the Spiritual Life Commission.  He and his Chriswife Chrissy have been parishioners since 1995.  They have four children who have attended St. Robert Bellarmine School.  Chris has serve on the School Board and has volunteered as a coach in Basketball and Volleyball.  He has taught Theology at Loyola Academy for 22 years.

Del Del Norwood serves on the Service Commission…



Andy Springer serves on the Community Life Commission…Andy




Trina Eifert is the Recorder of the PPC and serves on the Service Commission.  She is a graduate of the University of Illinois at Chicago with a degree in Communication Design and worked for the University for 16 years in the publication department.  She is mother of a son who graduated from St. Robert’s and is a Junior at Fenwick High School.  She currently works part time for a talent agency in Portage Park.  Trina and her husband, Paul, have been parishioners for 18 years.  She served as President of the Parents’ Association, is a Eucharistic Minister and a member of the Contemporary Choir.

Dan Gandor serves on the Education Commission.  Dan has lived in the parish since 1958.  He attended school here at SRB.  He and his wife have been parishioners together here for 32 years, their son also attended SRB school.  Dan is a DNA analyst with the Illinois State Police.  He serves SRB as a Eucharistic Minister, a Lector, and as a member of the PPC.

Pastora Gandor serves on the Education Commission – I came to the United States as a refugee from Cuba in 1969, along with my parents and my two brothers.  Following my marriage to Daniel, I became a parishioner at St. Robert Bellarmine.  We have one son, Daniel, who graduated from SRB school in 1993.  I have been employed for 18 years with the Elmhurst Health Care Clinic in the Family Medicine Mangaed Care Department.  Over the years I have been involved in a number of Parish organizations and activities.  I have come to love and admire the priests, nuns and parishioners of St. Roberts for over 30 years, and readily acknowledge the fundamental role all have played in the spiritual and intellectual growth of me and my family.  I pray that by working together with other members of this community, I can be of service in helping to promote and strengthen our parish family in the years ahead.

Jane Hearrin serves on the Liturgy Commission.  Jane was born on the far Southside, raised on the West Side and has been a member of St. Robert Bellarmine parish for 27 years.  She and her husband, James, have four children, three of whom graduated from St. Robert Bellarmine School.  Jane is active in the parish in many ways: she has been a Religious Education Catechist for 20 years, she serves on the Liturgy Commission and is a lector and a Eucharistic minister.  Jane currently works for the Chicago Public Schools as a Vision and Hearing Screening Technician.

Leon (Lee) Mika serves on the Service Commission. Lee is a ‘cradle’ Catholic and has been a parishioner here at St. Robert Bellarmine since 1970. He and his wife Mary, are the parents of three children, who all attended SRB school. Lee is retired from public service and currently spends his time managing an apartment building, volunteering weekly at St. Stan’s soup kitchen, supporting his wife in their home-based business, and exercising daily, which helps him keep up with his ten grandkids. Lee feels honored to serve as your representative on the Parish Pastoral Council and encourages you to prayerfully consider some small step you might take to share your gifts in building up the parish community of St. Robert Bellarmine.