Faith Formation for Families




 As disciples we are called to make Christ present in the world through the Body of Christ, the Church.

Faith Formation for Families is a process in which our parish team (of staff and volunteer catechists) accompanies parents in the task of mentoring their family into living our  faith.  Through this process children and adults are invited to discover and to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ so as to live more fully our Catholic Christian faith.  


Family & Faith Process:

Families gather in September to receive an orientation of the Family & Faith process and to get to know the other families they will journey with throughout this season( ends in May).  In order for the whole family (both parents and children) to grow in faith together, each month’s gathering will focus on a topic of our faith in which families will navigate through various presentations, activities and experiences designed to expand their understand of the materials presented.  Each family will then create a  plan to put this new faith knowledge into practice at home, work, and school for the remainder of that month.  At the next monthly gathering, families will share how well they were able to follow through on their plan, what stumbling blocks they encountered and what they discovered along the way about themselves as individuals, as members of a family, and as members of the Body of Christ.

Preparations for the reception of the Sacraments is incorporated into this Faith Formation process, which requires continuous growth in and active living of the faith.

Families seeking to enroll their older child in a Sacrament preparation program will need to participate in the Family Faith Formation process.  Once a family has a firm connection to our Lord Jesus Christ,  demonstrates a desire for continuing growth in their lived faith and their readiness,  will determine when preparations for reception of the Sacraments begins.


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Family Faith Formation Gathering


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