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Welcome to the Sacrament Preparation Process for Confirmation here at St. Robert Bellarmine Parish!  As a family with a child nearing the end of their elementary years, faith formation takes all of you in a new direction as your now older child encounters Jesus Christ, our Savior for themselves and begins an intense friendship of their own apart from their parents.  Every member of the family will experience a shift in their understanding of the faith, enabling everyone’s journey to grow in age and wisdom.

Preparing to receive a sacrament is a process with three essential components:

  • LIVING FAITH through your family life at home;
  • LEARNING FAITH through parish formation opportunities;
  • LOVING FAITH through worshipping and serving with the parish family

The process begun with the Sacrament of Baptism continues as your child begins their last elementary school years. They will have established their own relationship with Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Savior, separate from yours and will begin the challenge of putting their Catholic faith into practice every day.  As their own individual faith journey takes shape, an understanding of the expectations to live as a “disciple of Christ” in the world today lays the ground work for their preparations to receive the Sacraments of Confirmation and into young adulthood.

Of Note:  Our parish’s Sacrament Preparation is part of an overall Faith Formation process, either through enrollment in our parish school or parish Faith Formation.  Families seeking to prepare an older child for the reception of the Sacraments should refer to our Family Faith Formation page for more information.


Information for Year I Sacrament Preparation Families

In order to discover what you should be doing Year I of Confirmation  preparations with your older elementary aged child, click the Parent Letter below.  Year I  Confirmation families will be contacted throughout the school year with more information.

Year I Confirmation Parent

How to Spot Spiritual Gifts in Young People










Parents/guardians of Confirmation Class of 2019 will be notified via email of upcoming events for the months of October & November!




Confirmation Class of 2020 – Your Journey Begins


Upcoming Events for Year II Families:

 Friday October 18th

Faith Groups Gather-  (candidates only)


Bring updated service log to gathering!




Opportunities to Serve – For parents & sponsors to experience with their candidate

The Parish:

Altar Service  Contact Deacon Bill Frere –

Choir Member / Musician  Contact Dennis Constanza –

Usher or Lector @ Sunday 5:30pm Mass  Contact:  Maria Siap-



The Community at Large:


St Cornelius Parish – Food Pantry

Friends of the Chicago River – Stewardship Work Days

Greater Chicago Food Depository  Monthly Repack Days 

Cradles to Crayons-…/in-the-giving-factory

Mission of Our Lady of the Angels:

  • Mobile Food Pantry – 1st Saturday Monthly
  • Community Dinners -Volunteers
  • Behind the Scenes: help sort donations, pick up donations &more


Service opportunities with Scout Programs are another way to share the Good News!


Resources for Year II Parents & Sponsors:

Confirmation Record Form 2020

The Role of Sponsor 2020


2019-20 Confirmation Preparation Calendar -updated

Resources for Year II Candidates – 

Expectations for Candidates – 2020

Preparation Tasks for Confirmation-2020

Confirmation-2020 Rite of Enrollment

Candidate Service Agreement 2020

Sample Service Log for 2020

What is the Purpose of a Confirmation Name

Questions, concerns, clarifications?  Contact: