Faith Formation with Families: Options

Faith Formation is a process in which the parish seeks to support parents in their efforts to raise their families in our Catholic faith, thus continuing the mission of “making disciples”. Through this process families are invited to discover and grow in relationship with Jesus Christ, each other and the parish family; so as to live more fully our Catholic Christian faith. As disciples we are called to make Christ present in the world through the Body of Christ, the Church.

Faith Formation Options – SRB Campus


Catechist lead grade/level (classroom setting) Gathers twice a month on Saturdays 9:30 -11:30am. After each gathering parents receive a task to incorporate into their family’s routine that continues the lesson. Children share their family’s response to these tasks at their next faith formation gathering with their catechist and fellow disciples. Parents commit to one support role for the faith formation season.


Families gather one Friday evening a month to explore a topic of faith.  Small group discussions, activities, and faith sharing are the format. Families receive tasks to work at home during the month to further explore the topic presented and create a presentation of their discoveries to share at the next month’s gathering.

This option is recommended for families seeking to formally introduce older children to our Catholic faith for this first time,  keeping in mind that faith formation continues throughout our entire lives.


Faith formation is a lifelong process of learning to embody what we profess to believe by continuously growing in relationship with Jesus Christ and with each other. This continuous growing in relationships is enhanced and deepened through the reception of the Sacraments.

As families progress in their faith journey (at least one full year of formation) and demonstrate readiness, they will be enrolled in the appropriate preparation process for the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Confirmation and Eucharist. This applies to both faith formation options listed above.

If you would like to register from one of the faith formation options listed above or have questions regarding these options, our contact information is listed below.


Our Faith Formation Team

Mrs. MaryEllen Casselman- Coordinator of Faith Formation

Ms. Damary Madera – Administrative Assistant

Adult Volunteers Partnered with Parents – Catechist Team

Contact Information:

St. Robert Bellarmine – Faith Formation Office

4646 N. Austin Avenue Chicago, IL 60630

Phone: 773-286-0956 / Fax: 773-777-2770